The Future of Online Discussions on Meaning – with Paul VanderKlay

Paul Vanderklay and I discuss the future of online discussions on meaning, where we are going and how we can bear fruits in the real world.

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13 Spiritual Hacks to Strengthen Your Relationship Part I

Every relationship has high and reduced points. If yours could utilize a boost, open as well as truthful communication is one method to come back on track. However if communication hasn’t fixed the problems, we have some distinct alternatives for you.

Reincarnation Vs. Deep Freeze Your Body After Death

Either the heart is eternal and also you reincarnate after death, or the soul does not exist and you’re only a body and also mind. According to the theories of reincarnation and also karma, your heart will live on and also select certain life scenarios in each lifetime in order to learn as well as comprehend on a spiritual degree.

13 Metaphysical Tricks to Improve Your Relationship Part II

It’s typical for all relationships to have low and also high factors. Open up and honest communication can aid you come back on the right track. However if that hasn’t aided, we have some distinct choices for you.

Afflicting the Comfortable (A Sermon on Luke 3:1-6)

I assume I am right in claiming that today is a historical wedding anniversary for me. I believe I am rightin saying that today marks for me the end of my 28th year as incumbent in this parishwhich indicates that I have actually currently officially spent half my life here! Yes, I was a boy of 28 when I got here in Dulwich Hill in 1990.

Demons and Dark Energy Predetermined?

In an excellent world, you can completely stay clear of dark powers and also for life sidestep demonic forces. Alas, the polarity of deep space determines otherwise; scary pressures and ghouls become part of the balance of points and our searchings for reveal they are occasionally predetermined to interfere with individuals’s lives in differing levels.

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