The Gordian Knot

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The Universal Spirit and the Two Candlesticks Men Follow to Destroy the Planet

Explaining the 2 beasts of Discovery as ‘candle holders’ appears strange, yet that is specifically what they are. Such a tool does not create a solid light and wind can extinguish its fire. In a globe of overall darkness, however, their little lights become more powerful.

Is It Coincidence Or A Sign From The Universe

Simply a coincidence? When we take notification of these moments magic can happen. I believe they can be signposts to aid us along a course or spiritual journey.

Incompetence of Human Effort

It is God’s poise that brings the wish of male’s heart. You may try your initiatives however it is the elegance of God that will bring the result.

When There Is Confusion, Darkness, Fear and Impending Death, Is That Not When We Need Light?

Complication seems ruling as well as regulating the lives of numerous in these existing times. I wonder why? Politics and economics as well as principles show up to have changed a lot over these past couple of years. Thirty years earlier when we considered particular elements of life there was a clearness which is missing today. Yes, there were problems yet we understood what we were doing and also why we were doing it. When we were at war in 1939 to 1945 we understood that the adversary was as well as we understood where the enemy was, and a minimum of we understood what we were doing. This is not so today. Exactly how can you fight against horror? When man leaves and leaves from the fundamentals all kinds of protected assurances as well as foundations accident and fall apart.

How Do We Make the Transition From Confusion to Confidence in These Traumatic Times?

Psychosomatic responses can create physical consequences. Exactly how do we relocate from complication to confidence? As I recall over my life time I am not aware of a period where there has been more agitation and dissatisfaction as well as confusion in so several areas of life. A lot relies on our mindset and also I have been taking a look at point of views and mindsets fairly recently. One of one of the most healthy and balanced mindsets or emotions we can grow is that of gratefulness, or being grateful. A most harmful perspective or feeling is that of resentment – keeping grudges, grievances, as well as resentments. That can be like alcohol consumption toxin, hoping it will certainly kill somebody else.

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