The Hebrew Resh 2020

This video is about the Hebrew Resh.

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The Hebrew Resh has a numeric value of 20. In the year 2020, these are my opinions of the Hebrew Resh.

I pray for unusual favor from unexpected places.

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The timple fact is, we could use it.
~ Trey Smith

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Reincarnation: Is There Any Proof?

Cynics say there is no proof for reincarnation. Based on the presumptions as well as upset responses we sometimes get about the concept of previous lives, it seems like some individuals don’t want any type of proof to exist. Perhaps they do not such as the concept of needing to come back and also experience the effects of their negative behavior.

A Spiritual Neediness That Annuls Human Neediness

ALICE existed in our middle, another anonymous number at a neighborhood kitchen area event. I had not also discovered her. After that I was called right into an area with her and also two other individuals to minister with and wish her. Alice was experiencing something extremely acquainted to much of us. She was despairingly frightened, bereft of hope, entirely damaged of spirit, drunk by pain.

Manifesting the Beatitudes In Daily Life

DETACHED from God we are in this worldly life, yet affixed to God we can be where we seek His kingdom. Straight flow right into the heart of God is with examination as well as consideration of these Beatitudes of Matthew 5:3 -12 (ESV), Jesus’ talked words.

The 4,000 Years Long Day

This is an example of a day in that there is a duration complying with the sun-rise called the morning, after that comes noontime, adhered to by the mid-day that ends with evening. It is how the ‘day of the lord’ is stood for in the Old Testament and also couple of have known its true significance. Following my reincarnation and with a web link to the Spirit it appointed me to tear down the wall surface of blindness.

The Great Treasure Hidden Within Our Minds

Many will go thousands of miles trying to find treasure and also dig hundreds of openings prior to frustration overtakes them. What thy do not realise is the greatest prize of all is not in the earth yet within themselves. This was brought home to me via a vision which showed an upper body deep in the ground.

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