The Isolated Individual & the Crowd Beast

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God Our Healer

I intended to share a brief rhyme with you that I wrote in May of 2009 as I considered the various functions those in the “healing field” have in our lives when our bodies have actually been ravaged by a dangerous illness. In my case it was cancer, yet cancer cells is no “higher”a disease than whatever you are travelling via literally currently in your life. I trust this will motivate you and also provide you new hope and stamina for the trip you discover yourself on.

The Universal Spirit and The Wall Built With Untempered Mortar

Mortar is the product used to hold foundation with each other and also offer toughness so they won’t drop down. It is typically toughened up with chemical substances to safeguard its purpose. Untempered mortar, on the various other hand is weak and when made use of in construction it will unavoidably bring about failure.

The Universal Spirit and Why Some Fear Spiritual Healing

So dark as well as impervious is the wall of complication and enigma concerning supposed negative spirits that numerous can not enable their bodies to be recovered spiritually. This is what the Universal Spirit, the real God and also Maker, is up against. When attempting to get to with to the blocked minds of victims the concern they are targeted with becomes evident.

The Lure of the Living Roadmap

What makes up “The Method”? The way, where? That accesses it? What for? What’s all of it about, REALLY? Are we being told the REAL TRUTH by the religious beliefs of custom?

Abide In Christ The Vine: Jesus Loves You

Have you informed your self today that Jesus likes you? Have you took a look at that picture in the mirror and also said (aiming at it) “Jesus enjoys you”? He enjoyed you while you were yet a sinner, while you were deep in transgression. He craved you that you should believe and not die but have timeless life. This short article encourages you to rely on Jesus Christ for your success as a Christian as well as in life.

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