The MOST precisely made granite object of Ancient Egypt – and why it’s NOT geopolymer!

An examination of the most precisely made granite object that has come from Ancient Egypt! A precision carved box housed deep underground, we get into the details of the site, the box, its history and discovery by Flinders Petrie. I also give you some thoughts as to why I don’t believe this object, nor any of the granite objects of ancient Egypt, are made from geopolymer, or some form of ancient concrete!

Many thanks to Mark, Brian and Jahannah from the UnchartedX Egypt trip for sharing some of their footage and images with me! Brian took the excellent picture in the corner of the box with the pen. Check out Jahannah’s channel, she is making excellent vlogs from the trip:

Jimmy’s great channel, Bright Insight:

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Hawara/Labyrinth video:
Mastaba 17 at Meidum:
The Meidum Pyramid:

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