Things TOUGH GUYS SAY you should IGNORE… the Argument Over Spilt Drink

You can spot FAKE ALPHA male dominance from simple behaviours. The best Self Defence requires some understanding of body language and pre attack indicators. This week’s ‘Breakdown’ looks at READING and UNDERSTANDING what TRIGGERS street fights. Psychology in action, applied to self defence. We discuss the problem of social dominance in a confined space. This is how to defend yourself using good situational awareness skills and threat assessment. STUPID Things People FOREVER Say… Argument Over Spilt Drink

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ELEVATING YOUR FIGHT IQ: Videos blending Martial Arts, Crime Science, and Psychology.

Presented by Dr Mark Phillips Criminal Psychologist, Security Consultant, Martial Arts and Defensive Skills Instructor. An expert in Organised Crime, Hostage Taking, and Offender Profiling. Martial arts experience includes Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, San Da Kickboxing, and MMA.

Weekly Self Defence and Martial Arts video releases every Wednesday. Topics Covered: Coping with Criminal Behaviour, Self Defence Techniques, Street Fighting Tips, Mindset Preparation, as well as general tips on how to defend yourself.

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Can Someone Believe That They Are Superior To Others If They Are Carrying Toxic Shame?

Although there are particular sensations that someone can recognize, there are others that they can avoid. For example, if they were to experience anger, they might permit themselves to feel this feeling.

Can A Mother-Enmeshed Man Feel Ashamed Of Not Being Able To Act Like A Man?

It can take a while for a male to become aware that he is mentally entangled with his mother; this could be something that will happen after he has gotten on this earth for numerous decades. It could seem unusual as to why it would certainly take him as long to find that he is excessively concentrated on her.

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