Tim Pool Addresses The Quartering, Sam Seder, The Young Turks, AOC, and Online Grifter Drama

Tim Pool Addresses The Quartering, Sam Seder, The Young Turks, AOC, and Low Tier Grifter Drama. I understand the Irony of slamming online drama which is sure to ignite further drama.

While AOC and other Democrats lie about what Twitter did and is doing I decided to address one of the biggest problems in politics today. Tribalism and drama grifting.

AOC exemplifies drama grifting in politics perfectly. Her performances in congress show she is just putting on a show for her base. She isn’t actually addressing the real issues and it seems this way of thinking is spreading and is part of human nature.

Democrats and Republicans alike, woke and anti-woke are all susceptible to this, but it seems to affect the left more. While it may be true, the anti-establishment and anti woke factions have their same share of drama grifters and baiters


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