Time To Unite – A Way Forward with Tribal Lore

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POWERFUL TRIBAL WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE FROM THE TRIBAL MAN HIMSELF Lurnpa Tjambatjimba, whose Father was the late Djalu Gurruwiwi, the great Water Healer for the Planet! We are also joined by Cambell Purvis from the Tartaria Channels & Darren Price who is working closely with our Tribal People. This Video is So full of information & empowering tribal wisdom that I had to set up 2 new Channels to post it properly. Please support & join these new “Arise Humanity” Channels (in case anything happens to my You Tube Channel) & watch this power packed Video at either :

Above & in the full video in detail you will hear exact information about what is really happening to our Tribal people & what is the quickest route to true Sovereignty for all Australian people. I could not post this full Video here or the name of the Tribal Leader too much …who shares so much important knowledge in this Video & has been selected as Spokesperson for two-thirds of the Tribal people in NT & Arnhemland (etc)…in case of Censorship. He also comes from a very important Ancestral lineage which he explains in depth, in the full video.
You can view more or book your place in the incredible upcoming TRIBAL WISDOM WORKSHOP – “Uniting The People” at https://www.medyhne.com/tribal-wisdom… This initiative is also partially supporting (50% of proceeds) this Tribal man who is doing great work in unifying all Australian people on behalf of all of us.

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