Trump Prophecy 2020: WAR of JOE BIDEN

Trump Prophecy: The Trump Prophecy 2020 is a follow-up to the 2016 “Trump prophecy” documentary done by Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell.

Thank you for your support of God in a Nutshell. This video is not allowed to have monetization on this platform. I assume that is because it supports Donald J. Trump for president in 2020. So, we are thankful for all donations and support to the God in a Nutshell project.

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God in a Nutshell primarily does documentaries dealing with the ancient world and artifacts. However, in 2016, I felt the Lord had put on my heart very heavily that Donald Trump, whom I knew little about at that time, would become president of the United States even though the polls, and medias and the sort stated this would never happen.

I was drawn in my spirit to prophecies that I had not thought about in many years. Those prophecies were by Kim Clement.

In the years of 2015/2016, I went to a variety of prophecy conferences ~ most of which people were very frightened in the belief that Hillary Clinton would become president. The common belief was that this would destroy the country in ways that could likely never be undone.

I myself also believe that would have been the case.

The original “Trump prophecy” was put together by Trey Smith of the God in a Nutshell project in the year of 2016 simply because it felt as the Lord had instructed to do such.

I thank you for every democrat that considers changing their vote in this election, and whose heart may be moved by these materials.

The video contains prophecy by Kim Clement and also correlations with the prophecy of Cyrus from Isaiah 45.

The same applies to this documentary.

Enjoy the film.


There Comes a Moment When We Have to Place Our Life, Future, and Ministry, Into the Hands of God

Allow me define Legalism. Not several know what legalism actually is. “Legalism is an attempt to attain integrity with God by maintaining a collection of guidelines. Legalism is including need for righteousness to what God has currently declared in His Word.” Paul basically claims in his writing, “I have passed away to all that, as well as if any individual was immersed in legalism – if any individual tried to maintain the regulation – it was I – it was me. I tried to maintain the regulation harder than any individual else – and discovered I could not. But I also discovered that what I might not do, Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb, as well as our Saviour, has actually done it all for us, as well as He states – Come unto ME as well as I will provide you rest – mercy – redemption – liberty – and also it will be ‘just if I ‘d’ never ever sinned.” This is a remarkable letter. It has actually been such a gratifying true blessing to me over these previous weeks and months to check out as well as study and also investigate the extensive writing of my hero.

Both Prophet and Priest Are Profane

The term profane methods ‘contempt for God’ as well as that is just how the scriptures explains them. Following my reincarnation as well as with a link to the Spirit of deep space the factor for this in prediction is explained. There are no religious educators sent below heaven because there is no such area.

Did You Know That Commitment to Jesus Christ Involves Change and Changes?

How committed are you? Just how close is your stroll with God? Did you understand your stroll with God as well as communion and fellowship with Jesus Christ can be as close and also as intimate as you decide to have it! What is our tradition for the future generation? The solution – which deals with both legalism and licence is – discipleship. We surrender to Jesus – being under the discipline of Jesus – and the authority of His Word – and seeking to obey the mentor of His Word. Jesus Christ concerned make advanced modifications – extreme adjustments – as well as Jesus still does that. We have all located that dedication to Jesus Christ involves change – and adjustments.

Three Phases of Practicing Meditation

Thirty-five years earlier, the suggestion of day-to-day meditation seemed foreign to us. But today, it’s a regular part of our day-to-day schedule, even if it means rising thirty minutes earlier or skipping TV to do so.

What Has Happened To Modern Day Spiritual Culture?

The Spiritual courses of the past are of the past, but what Spiritual reality have we developed currently? When you observe conventional Spiritual culture – what do you see? as well as much more importantly – just how is what you regard impacting your awareness?

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