UnchartedX LiveStream! – Sunday 16 Aug, 2 PM Pacific (PST). News, Tanis footage, Q&A, and more!

LiveStream time! Long overdue I know, but my setup is finally worked out, and I’m looking forward to chatting! I have a fun show lined up, we’re going talk some channel updates, cover some news, review the raw footage from my recent video on Tanis, and get into some Q&A!

I hope you can join me today at 2pm! If you can’t, this will be available for replay on my channel.

after the stream, I’ll continue on at my new channel for more casual streaming and gaming, UnchartedXLive! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7CljFbRtVJeYM8_s0Kqybw
Going to get into the new video I’m working on, do a read-through of the script, and maybe just relax a bit after the stream 🙂

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The Beloved of God – Isaiah Chapter 5

The Children of Israel are those with the Spirit within and they know that they are. They are the cherished of God that were impregnated at the start of the Day of the Lord, some 4,000 years back. Because that time they have actually experienced, passed away, and also reincarnated and currently are experiencing the light of the Spirit that is pouring over them.

What’s The Point of Living?

My hubby has been retired for about 8 years and also his mental as well as physical wellness are wearing away. He hasn’t found himself a hobby outside of social networks and also he’s invested a lot of his days staring at a computer screen, a cellular phone or a tablet. Gradually, his mind and body have actually been gradually breaking down till his body obtained to the point where it filled with liquids, his muscle mass tone is substantially reduced as well as his “obtain up as well as go” rose and left.

Satan Worshipers Target President Trump

Countless self-proclaimed spiritual teams are targeting the President of the United States with black magic. This suggests considerable parts of the metaphysical neighborhood either lack understanding of the legislation of fate, or do not care about the consequences.

A New View of Self-Development

I recognize that there are numerous people that are very cautious or are ‘pussyfooting’ when it comes to subjects like psychic development and metaphysics, and also I believe this is due to the truth that these fields have actually gotten criticism by utilizing their own jargon such as ‘connecting’, ‘channeling’ and ‘5th dimensional sites’ which audio extremely mysterious and also unusual to those who are not component of such teams or circles. So what I really wish to do is de-mystify some ideas on psychic advancement and metaphysics by connecting them to the normal process of human self-development as well as …

Salvation Has Come

Poise which is the undeserved or unmerited favour of God has made salvation available to all that would certainly believe. There is no factor for continuing to be under the captivity of transgression.

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