UnchartedX Podcast! – The 100 ton boxes of the Serapeum with the Snake Brothers!

Exploring the ancient Serapeum of Saqqara with the Brothers of the Serpent! Kyle, Russ and I watch and discuss my raw footage of a visit to the ancient and enigmatic set of underground tunnels and alcoves that house 24 massive, precision carved granite boxes. Each box, and lid, is carved as a single piece from the same block of stone. Some weigh a combined 100 tons, and all are housed in a bedrock tunnel system beneath the sands of Saqqara – a famous necropolis of Old Kingdom Ancient Egypt.

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The Harvest of the Universal Spirit

One must always wonder what life has to do with and why we are here. There were lot of times in my life that this challenge occurred. Descartes, the philosopher, attempted to describe life by his telephone call “I believe as a result I am.

We Are All a Part of the Spirit of the Universe

Photo a particle, that is as a depiction of a couple of spheres of different colours attracted to every other by a covert pressure. This was an unknown phenomenon prior to the development of microscopic lens that permitted the keys of them to be recognized. Each colour represents a component while the biggest of them is the one that holds them with each other.

How Much of the Universal Spirit Is Within Us?

The World power of deep space is all smart as well as it is component of all of us. Like a molecule whose main core may be likened to the Spirit of the Universe we turn in orbits around it as electrons captured in the power emitting from it. Those closest to it are strongly affixed as well as not conveniently trembled loose.

God’s Deepest Secrets Exposed to the World

It is composed in prediction that at the end of days God’s inmost tricks will certainly be exposed. It will certainly occur from a hill built more than any other on the planet (Micah 4:1). That mountain has actually shown up and also it is the Web.

Why Confess to Reincarnation and Knowledge of the Spirit of the Universe?

It appears a folly of reasoning to confess that one has memory of reincarnation and a link to the Excellent Spirit. But that would certainly have them hide it as well as refute others the right to recognize that the path they get on may be the incorrect one? It seems like an issue and yet the realities are that one has to admit what they know or endure the repercussions.

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