UnchartedX Podcast! The Mountain of the West, the 2nd pyramid at Giza – with Snake Bros and Cfapps.

A video podcast exploring inside and out of the mighty 2nd pyramid at Giza, attributed to Khafre, and known as the Mountain of the West. I’m joined by Kyle and Russ (Brother’s of the Serpent) as well as Chuck from the excellent cfapps7865 channel.

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Jahannah James: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN2Z_nuG5XtVnE998unA3PA

Ancient Engineering on the Giza Plateau: https://youtu.be/lNC_HRxf0XA

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Money Is Neutral

This week I was a little shocked when I listened to someone say that ‘cash is neutral’. I mean, I have actually had a great deal of experience with money, from having a great deal of it to not having any. It was fantastic to have a lot, and bothersome not having any type of.

The Ineffable Nature of Our True Self – Starts With Science and Transcends Into Spirituality

A pal of mine articulated his ridicule for faith religious beliefs that call for required membership in the Myth, Magic and Clinical club. He would certainly prefer a more scientific technique to empirically show something, as opposed to just blinding going along … There is an all-natural inclination that every human has experienced since we evolved. This ‘calling’ is what we have always ‘Seeked’ in numerous ways throughout our development … Right approximately this current stage. All of us normally hear this ‘calling’ from within … yet without the Knowledge to Comprehend the ‘calls’… our theoretical mind jumps right in and also starts forecasting it’s oblivious ideas of just how to appropriately ‘Seek’ this ‘calls. Please check out even more for Motivation towards your personal Course. I supply these considerations for consideration of such points.

The Spirit of the Universe and Miracles of Healing

The amount of aim to wonders of healing for responses to their troubles? Likewise the amount of them aim to the Spirit of the Universe as opposed to the phony gods of religious beliefs and also federal governments? The complicated mess of complication that has soaked the world in choices to truth as well as nature is the wall surface that stands supreme before them.

Law of Attraction – Don’t Forget About Fate

Our long-lasting empirical searchings for strongly sustain the theory of unalterable personal destiny (for every person), particular circumstances in life that can’t be changed whatever you do. Our company believe our mentors will eventually be a lot more valuable than advertising specifically motivation which, like a sugar high, doesn’t last.

Spiritual Healing (Still Waters Run Deep)

Still your mind for a moment prior to you review this, and still your mind completely. Exactly how did you feel? You had nothing to fret about for that couple of minutes, did you? Consider a truth of truth, the finest and most powerful component in the globe is calm water. although tranquil water can presume any form or form, it can not be destroyed easily, as well as only transforms to vapor when steaming.

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