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Some meandering thoughts and a few updates about what’s coming on Waking Cosmos and what I’m reading. I hope this finds you all happy and well!

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The Mystery of Existence

Astrology: Three Stages of Becoming an Adept Seer

Over thirty years ago we marveled at exactly how psychics could apply astrology and other kinds of prophecy to infer personality attributes and also individual timing. We started doing our own soothsaying around the very same time, and also today identify a basic three-stage procedure in ending up being efficient in astrology. This likewise applies to numerology, tarot, runes, or any kind of various other kind of prophecy.

Reincarnation “Again”

A soul is unbreakable. It must trip from one life to an additional; this is called reincarnation. A soul’s goal is to damage without the wheel of rebirth.

The Sabbath Was Made for Humanity (Mark 2:23-3:6)

“The sabbath was created humankind, and not humankind for the sabbath; so the Kid of Man is lord even of the sabbath.” (Mark 2:27 -28) Anarchy is something all of us are afraid – those people who know what it is, anyway. I state that as someone who was a fan of the Sex Pistols when they highlighted “Anarchy for the UK” in 1977, though I believe my excitement at the time was a repercussion of the self-destructive craze I was after that experiencing, combined with my younger ignorance.

Did God Give You The Coaching Gift?

God has blessed you with lots of gifts, but just how are you using them? And also are you also using them? Among your surprise divine gifts could be coaching. If you really feel that you are phoned call to instructor then this post can address some burning concerns that you might have.

A Crossroad on the Journey to the God-Willed Life

This will be the last article and article for some time. Besides a three-month postponement in 2014, I have actually created and also published short articles consistently given that before Facebook; over 10 years back. Almost 7,000 short articles later I’ve learned so a lot. It’s been a major means how God has engaged with me – to the sum of 30-hours weekly for those 10-plus years. However this isn’t almost the writing. It has to do with something a lot more fundamental. There are inequalities to correct.

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