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The Biggest Lie About Yourself You Believe That Is Even More Powerful Than Who You Are

Has it always been a component of humanity to hold securely to something for worry of losing it? Or, assuming that what you have is not comparable to what somebody else has?

The Three M’s of Spirit: A Path to Spiritual Freedom

Is there, in the final analysis, Ultimate Reality? Some claim yes. Yet I have actually yet to hear it. You? This article is a short exploration into our partnership with the cosmos.

5 The Ego

In an earlier article, I had actually specified that there are lots of influences keeping our energised resonance low, as well as holding us back from increasing our awareness and also advancing our spirituality. One of the greatest obstacles to increasing our awareness is our Ego. Our Vanity is not that we are. Our psyche or soul is that we are, and our Vanity is an incorrect character, whose job it is to keep our vibration within the variety of the third thickness or third measurement of awareness.

3 How Conscious Am I?

In the previous short article, I stated that, for convenience, Metaphysicians have actually developed degrees or groups of awareness. Some describe these as densities and others as dimensions of awareness. No matter of terms, we humans occupy the 3rd and also fourth levels, which we can call 3D and 4D.

8 Ways To Expand Consciousness

In the fourth, 5th and sixth podcasts I discussed some of things that are holding us back from this college graduation. In this one, I will describe some of the methods that we can accelerate this process and also relocate onward more promptly. Here are a few of them:

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