What Happens Next – How To Still Stay Engaged In The Battle For Liberty

For two months the outcome of the election has been uncertain, but now it has been decided. Many are asking, “what happens now?” Trust In God. Stay engaged in the battle for liberty!

With a Blameless Heart

When I left my pal’s residence I was really feeling weightless, it resembles a thousand bunches’ tons had been gotten rid of from my back. As I strolled towards my automobile I showed on the moment, on my life, on my past, and also I could see rottenness, darkness, perversion, wickedness. But, most notably, I was disgusted as well as nauseated by it.

True Hope Enters Only As False Hope Departs

HUMANITY is utterly based on hope. Most of us derive hope from someplace. We all position our confidence in something. Not all hope is healthy or productive.

Complete Deliverance From the Spirit of Poverty And Lack

Hardship is a wicked spiritual individuality as well as principality. It is a Problem where people’s fundamental demands for food, clothing, as well as shelter are not being fulfilled. He attacks on people and makes them his slaves. Some individuals’s wonder is being guided from treasures to destitution. Hardship spirit is a Horrible one. Any individual afflicted with the spirit of hardship needs divine intervention to get out of the mess, it is seriously a spiritual fight of which only hostile prayers and also fasting can solve.

Do You See the Test?

INESCAPABLE. Truth is inescapable if living a plentiful life is our severe objective. Reality is necessarily pertinent for recognizing as well as exploring function. Function is the underpinning facility of life. And yet, what features the territory of truth, function, the bountiful life, as well as truth, is the examination.

When HM The Queen Speaks Out So Openly and Courageously, We Should Never Be Afraid to Testify!

It is constantly excellent to testify freely and publicly that you are “among them” – that you belong to Jesus Christ, as well as adhere to Jesus Christ. As I write today it happens to be a most significant occasions for me. It was on this day 48 years ago that the climbed as well as living Lord Jesus Christ baptised me in the Holy Spirit while sitting in the front space of our home in Fife, Scotland. A most friend, Jim Kincaid, had actually been so patient with me over the past 5 weeks as I battled as well as almost battled with this spiritual experience. Oh, I desired it and wanted for it, however assumed it was not for me, and afterwards within 5 short moments everything took place and all of it happened, and also it has lasted. Jesus Christ is so faithful as well as caring and also thoughtful as well as charitable when He pours out the Holy Spirit. It took place on the day of Pentecost. It took place because sitting room. It proceeds to happen today when males and females are open to all that Almighty God has for them.

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