Why I’ve decided to begin creating content

My content won’t appeal to everyone. I wanted to give a quick explanation of who I am, why I’ve felt compelled to start creating, and give some idea of what types of minds my future videos might appeal to.

Apologies for the low quality and voice-volume fluctuations. Dealing with inferior hardware, and a lack of video creation experience… both of which I hope to remedy soon.

I refuse to partner with Google/YouTube to monetize any of my videos. If you’d like to support future work, please do so at the link below only if my content resonates with you.. I’d love nothing more than to devote myself to this full time, and, eventually, help create new platforms to support like-minded creators.
Any assistance is deeply appreciated.
Otherwise, consider taking a moment to recall other independent content creators that *do* resonate with you.
Whatever we support with our dollars we’ll inevitably see more of in the future. I encourage you to turn off the cable/Netflix, and support independent thinkers. Even if just in the form of a positive outreach.. it has more impact than you might think. The only way to defeat this corrupt monopolization of influence is to be the wind at the back of those speaking inconvenient truths.

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ETH – 0x95123555F696c6ad49ba7c9147c5707abaaC22Bb
Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/AshaLogos

AshaLogos @ gmail
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True Self: Can Someone Believe That They Need To Hide Their True Self In Order To Survive?

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Mother Wounds: Can A Man Emotionally Shut Down Around Women If He Had An Abusive Mother?

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