Your Body Is The Temple Of God | A Message For All Believers

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What I Saw in the Spirit

A few months ago I saw what became the invitation by our President to invite between 100 and also 120 Evangelical priests to the White Residence for a dinner. What followed that revelation and the dinner was impressive. I saw a revival break out throughout the globe with excellent praise and dance in the Spirit.

Wake Up All Who Are Spiritual Because the Wall of Deceit Is Exposed

Over lots of centuries the blind has actually led the blind and also the deaf have actually stopped working to listen to. Many have cried in misery for answers as well as have actually passed away unknowing of their connection to the actual God, the Great Spirit of the Cosmos. As the so-called sacred statuaries and also man’s attempts at worship have failed them there has been no method that the reality could be revealed.

God Has Something Better for You Than You’re Even Prepared to Ask for

Some praying individuals are conditioned to believe that their petitions, nevertheless small, will not be listened to, not to mention addressed. Let’s not call it incorrect, but their own is a doubting faith. There is a contrary kind of person that hopes big prayers in the max expectancy of their prayers being responded to. Let’s not call it right, yet their own is an expectant confidence.

Biblical Encouragement to Continue in the Faith

It’s not what it seems however it is what works. It doesn’t seem encouraging yet it is motivating. What takes place in life is when we’re down, the kitchen sink is thrown at us. Ever before noticed that? Not one or more problems, however what looks like 10 or fifteen, simultaneously, in stereo. The day I started writing this article was one of those days. The day I surface and also blog post this short article is a new day, praise God.

10 Realities Christians Don’t Like About Being Christian

Selling the Christian confidence has actually happened among the core expertises of evangelicals. This has its origins in expanding Jesus’ Great Compensation (Matthew 28:18 -20) within the circles of our influence. But, there are components of the faith-life that don’t always sit well. These are several of the realities that Christians can fight with.

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