YouTube – Sprinting Towards Obsolescence

As I mentioned recently on Twitter, I’d like to make clear my policy on my own content: please feel free to download, post, distribute in any and every manner you please… you’re even welcome to profit from them, and don’t worry about attribution where its difficult to do so. I only want these videos to be *seen*.

Thus, my anger with YouTube’s completely arbitrary and unpredictable behavior…

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Mother Enmeshed Men: Does A Man Need To Have Breakdown To Realise He Is A Mother Enmeshed Man?

In order for a problem to be dealt with, it needs to be clear that there is a problem. Normally, if this is not the case, it will not be possible for anything to be done and also the issue is most likely to get back at worse.

Mother Enmeshed Men: Can It Be Harder For A Man To Break Away From His Mother If She Becomes Ill?

If a male is concentrated on his mom as well as is not living his own life, he might not even realise that this holds true. As he was most likely trained to be there for her from an extremely young age, it is not going to be a shock if it does not strike him that he runs out positioning with himself and is not behaving in the proper way.

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