The War on the Masculine and Feminine

Nature grants us masculine and feminine energies, the healthy interplay of which produces energy, spirit, a mysterious and life-affirming beauty and vigor.

These energies, and the harmonious and productive family unit they serve to create, aren’t conducive to the materialist and consumerist vision of the globalist ideology, and are thus under attack from every direction.

The cultural-marxist ethos underlying globalist thinking is unnatural, quite literally anti-nature… and need to be unmasked and fully understood. The ramifications, should they triumph, will be devastating… to individual, state, race and species.

Men and women aren’t meant to be enemy forces fighting for self-interest, but complementary forces, harmonizing to inspire and create…. its high time we rediscover our innate character.
A beautiful future awaits.

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Mother Enmeshed Men: Does A Mother Enmeshed Man Need To Change His Perception?

If a man is “enmeshed” to his mother, it is likely to imply that he really did not obtain what he needed to receive throughout his very early years. As a result, he hasn’t just selected to become entangled with his mom as an adult; he has always been in this manner.

Mother Enmeshed Men: Why Are Some Men Unable To Live Their Own Life?

As an outcome of the reality that a guy is a private, it will mean that he will get on this earth to live his very own life. For this to occur, he will certainly need to be in contact with his true self – his sensations, requirements, and also choices – and also feel comfy adequate to share these components of himself.

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