Waking to the Lie of Globalism

Globalism is the palatable mask created to enable a small group of corrupt men to loot the Western world as they drive it into the ground.

Nations are best governed by men who fight for the national interests, and those of their citizenry… not flippantly controlled as if they were mere stores in a larger shopping mall.

We’re at a crossroads, in our era… and as millions wake to falsity of it all, the propaganda campaign, on all fronts, escalates in equal measure.

Should they ever attain their goal of a truly one-world government, keep in mind there will be *nowhere* to escape to. Every last inch of the globe would be under the jurisdiction of the most corrupt subset of the species, further strengthening their grip with each successive generation.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

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Whatever we support with our dollars we’ll inevitably see more of in the future. I encourage you to turn off the cable/Netflix, and support independent thinkers. Even if just in the form of a positive outreach.. it has more impact than you might think. The only way to defeat this corrupt monopolization of influence is to be the wind at the back of those speaking inconvenient truths.

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