An Update, Announcement, and Question

Just a quick update, an announcement of an additional idea, and a question for subscribers, with a backdrop of a natural-beauty aesthetic (you’re welcome).

Yes, I am officially a poor.

To help guide my next step, and answer the question I’ve asked:
To reach me regarding the idea mentioned:

I know how to get these technical projects built and deployed, quickly and efficiently, and would be willing to work with any trusted individual of like-mind willing to help handle the financial/legal structuring end of things. Should the creation attain some viral popularity, it may end up doubling as both a profitable investment as well as a means of helping create something of lasting value, and potentially even serve to help fund several future projects.

I’m happy to provide more info to any serious inquiries.
Let’s start *doing*.

Bitcoin – 334FiHjQmcQtL4wv45Nr4YsLcdFAv8kCUA
BCH – qq5zygs334adj6yz0wrndgwq9360mdm2vu00s7x03c
ETH – 0x5bB1BA93ea6dE6f400Efc4D773B78b438955Da99
Patreon –

Why Does A Mother Enmeshed Man Have Such A Strong Need To Please His Mother?

For as lengthy as a guy can keep in mind, he may see that he has had the need to concentrate on his mother and to look after her requirements. However, this is unlikely to be something that he purposely thinks of, as it is most likely to be something that just happens.

Why Would a Mother Enmeshed Man Have Trouble Identifying His Needs And Feelings?

Also though a man will have his very own requirements and feelings, he could normally be out of touch with what is taking place within him. These components, in addition to his needs and preferences, will certainly be linked to his true self.

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