Anti-Aging, Anxiety, Alzheimers, Digestion, Stress & Nutrition, Latest Research, Bob Gilpatrick


Discussion Points in Podcast –
Anti Aging, Oxidation & Burning Yourself Up “Figuratively Speaking”
Extreme Aging of the Human Brain & Ways to Avoid it!
What is CTE & How to Help Negate it.
The Supplement Pyramid, Total Health System, Cutting Edge Nutrition.
Origins of Boomer Boost “This is Amazing” Hundreds of Testimonials. Professional Athletes Love This Stuff!
Not all Supplements are Created Equal & Some are Dangerous.
How to get the Formulas Right !!
Dangers and affects of too much Caffeine.
Cutting Edge Research into Alzheimer’s & How to Prevent it!
How to Naturally Handle Anxiety & Stress.
Understanding Digestion & Amino Acids.
Muscle Wasting & Ways to Divert That.
Perceiving Impertinence & Opting Out!
Placebo vs Nocebo
Reaching Singularity “When” ?
Chatbots showing signs of Self Awareness.
State of the Art, Stress Management and Havening Modules.

Iron Buildup Triggers Cell Death in Alzheimer’s

Exploring Whether Iron Sequestration within the CNS of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease Causes a Functional Iron Deficiency That Advances Neurodegeneration

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