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Tartaria and Beyond Live in Melbourne July 8th
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Has history been changed; did we have a ‘reset’ during the 1700-1800s?
Why do buildings all over the world have the same architecture?
Why is the nation of Tartaria excluded from our history when it is shown as a huge country on maps just a few hundred years ago?
Why do we have unexplained structures all over the world with no viable explanation as to who built them or how?

We find ourselves surrounded by the remnants of a previous civilization. A technically advanced civilisation that has been hidden from history. So we are left to ponder and try and figure out what is the truth about the worlds fairs, the incubator babies and orphans. Why were all the cities empty in the 1860s and was there are purposeful reset?
What where cathedrals really built for? were the frequency healing machines, what about Star Forts…who built them all and why? Were they part of a Free Energy grid?
Why do we have Giant buildings in all our cities, Were giants real?

We all know history is written by the victors which means at best we only get half the story and at worst much less. What we have now is His-Story we need to find our story.

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