Is Rome the Great Harlot? // THE BOOK OF REVELATION: Session 54

MARANATHA Global Bible Study // The Book Of Revelation
Session 54: Is Rome the Great Harlot?

Maranatha End-Times Summit

Five Dollar Monthly Giving // Skip a Coffee, Change the Middle East

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Parentification: What Can Happen If Someone Had To Meet Their Caregivers Needs?

If a person was to review their life, they could question what occurred to their youth. The factor for this is that this may have been a stage when they had to imitate a grownup.

Be CAREFUL What You Wish For, Because You Might Get It!

Always, be cautious, and also fully – think about, what you yearn for, since, you could obtain/ attain it, as well as may not such as the results, implications, and so on! After, over four years of offering numerous individual growth/ self – assistance, seminars, training programs, and meeting, etc, I have pertained to recognize, it is necessary to make one’s decisions as well as strategies, sensibly, as well as meticulously, based on what’s ideal for you, your goals, and individual aspirations, as opposed to, what others might want or desire! Sadly, because, doing so, commonly, takes far more time, effort, endurance, perseverance, dedication, and so on, as well as suggests, broadening the self – enforced limitations …

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