Searching for Vents on the Mesa to Underground Base

Searching the Archuleta Mesa for Vents inside a Cave that lead to the alleged Underground base.
Recently met a local that has a friend that tracked his missing goats to a cave on the Mesa that had a horrible smell and air coming from deep inside the cave. it scared him enough to leave without going deeper into the cave.

Limited Tickets Available to Keep This a Personable Event. Zuni Elder, Greg Yawakia & Rex Bear will be hosting this 2 day event in and around Moab Utah.  April 1st & April 2nd Saturday & Sunday.  We will be exploring several Petroglyph Sites & Ruins in Moab Utah and Greg will be describing the meanings and significance the Natives have been taught.  We will also be looking at the Parallels of Possible Cataclysmic Events the Natives etched in stone for futrure generations to see.  There will be some, walking, hiking, driving and physical endurance required during the tour. Lunch, Water, Snacks & Beverages will be provided on the tour and if you have any special diet needs, you’ll need to provide those yourself

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