The Cult of Woke Is… an Actual Cult | Ep. 270

As leftists accuse conservatives of using the word ”woke” to mean anti-black, Liz explores the question, what if they are right? But now how you might be thinking. Breaking down the infrastructure and thought process, she predicts the disintegration of the woke cult and examines what the breaking point will actually be. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.

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The Liz Wheeler Show is a personal, researched, and unapologetic take on how we think about our culture—or what’s left of it. This courageous new show shines a floodlight on the shadows cast by the mainstream media, illuminating what they don’t want you to see and elucidating their murky motives along the way.

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Mother Wounds: Can A Man End Up With An Anxious Attachment Style If He Had A Neglectful Mother?

Even though a man will be a synergistic human being, it does not mean that he will have the ability to imitate one. The reason for this is that he might not have the ability to spend much time by himself.

Mother Wounds: Can A Man Feel Invisible If He Had A Neglectful Mother?

Although a guy will have a physical body and, consequently, will certainly show up to others, it doesn’t indicate that he will really feel seen. In general, he could feel invisible as well as ask yourself if he even exists.

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