No Words – A Journey Through Sculptural Mastery Across the Ages

A short aesthetic journey to pay homage to the masters of the craft and their inspired creations, as brief respite from an increasingly ugly world.

Fair warning – I do next nothing for ’SubscribeStar’ patrons, I tend to communicate poorly/slowly and be impossible to reach, I develop myopic vision and shut out the world as I work on projects – so, a sincere *thank you* for those who support the work anyway.


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Faith Versus Hope

I am frequently surprised by the method that individuals puzzle words confidence and also hope. They do not comprehend that although there is a little overlap in their definitions, they are actually really different in their application and the outcomes that they garner. Allow’s check out these two typically utilized words.

Finally Spring!

The past couple of weeks I have actually taken excellent joy in the fact that I can open my bedroom window and patio area door! There’s absolutely nothing like the fantastic breeze that floats right into my apartment bringing with it the adjustment of seasons. I hear the chirping of child birds and the noise of boats trying their initial journey on the river.

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