Potential YouTube Solution – The Universal Video-Catalog

In essence this would seek to act as a permanent catalog of content across *all* major video provider sites, freeing us from YouTube’s monopoly and algorithmic tricks, and the reliance on any single platform.

Ideally it could eventually have an even larger library, better content labeling (if user-driven, with accurate labeling incentivized somehow), be the one-stop source to find any and all content even if banned on YouTube, and eventually even have its own upvote/downvote and comments functionality, for starters.

It’d also naturally help drive eyes to other platforms, as those like us would often opt to watch videos on any platform *other than* YouTube, when multiple options were presented in a search result.. helping both creators and viewers seamlessly transition, and new video sharing platforms gain some traction. As platforms rise and fall, this would be a permanent and stable source.

Just a thought.. there are hundreds of directions such a creation might take, but I think the core concept has merit, and I’m intrigued by the possibilities.

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(disregard the Erid D. video reference.. just a compilation of a wide variety of creators speaking of their negative experiences as of late)

Is The Bond That A Mother-Enmeshed Man Has With His Mother Based On Trauma?

If a guy remains in a setting where he is concentrated on his mommy’s needs as well as neglects himself, it is going to reveal that he is out of touch with himself. Nevertheless, just how he lives will certainly probably be what is typical as well as therefore, he most likely won’t even realise that this is the situation.

Mother-Enmeshed Men: Is A Mother-Enmeshed Man Out of Touch With His Aggression?

Generally, a male that is emotionally entangled with his mommy can discover as extremely easy-going as well as passive. He is after that going to produce the impression that he enjoys to be there for others and also his mother, in certain, and also he will not have much oomph.

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